What is Json

Json (Javascript Object Notation) is light weighted well (open standard format) formatted and text based readable data interchange with objects consisting of attributes and value pairs.

1) JSON - Javascript Object Notation 2) JSON – Light weighted well formatted language 3) JSON - Language-independent data format 4) JSON – Readable Data Interchange (RDI) 5) JSON – Easy to learn

Json primary data communication asynchronous with server in language and this is an alternative of xml. Json grew out for real time server to browser communication without using extra supporting browser plugins such as flash or java applets.

History of Json

Json is the king for big application, here we have some more information about json.
Douglas Crockford is originally specified, and is described in RFC 4627.

File Name Extension - .json Internet media type – application/json Type of code – Text Uniform Type Identification- UTI – public .json Type of format - Data Interchanger Extend From – Js-Javascript