JavaScript Introduction

JavaScript is a programming language and most commonly used as a client-side scripting language. JavaScript code is written into an HTML page and for servers, PCs, laptops, tablets, cell phones, and more. JavaScript is a lightweight programming language and easy to learn, It is an interpreted language, It is object-based programming, It is widely used and supported, It is accessible to the beginner.

JavaScript Origins

JavaScript was released published by Netscape and Sun Microsystems in 1995.

JavaScript is not the same thing as Java.

How JavaScript embedded in the HTML

JavaScript code can be inserted into html pages its execute in all main browser, JavaScript code is typically embedded in the HTML, to be interpreted and run by the clients browser. Here are some tips to remember when writing JavaScript commands.

JavaScript Limiting Condition Rules Uses

JavaScript Serious Uses

Honestly, in javascript there are some good reusable things are there, it will help application and reduce the bandwidth and many more futures.

JavaScript Browser Detection

A useful but often overrated JavaScript function is the browser detect. Detecting the browser used by a visitor at your page. Depending on the browser, another page specifically designed for that browser can then be loaded.

If you are new to JavaScript Program so don't use a browser detect.

JavaScript Cookies

it's a really important and useful because it will reduce the bandwidth usage and reusable. Storing information on the visitor's computer, then retrieving this information automatically next time the user visits your page. This technique is called "cookies".

JavaScript Control Browsers

Opening pages in customized windows in browser, where you specify if the browsers buttons, menu line, status line or whatever should be load in time (should be present).

JavaScript Validate Forms

Most of the people use to validate a form with using JavaScript, it is easy to understand light weight also, Validating inputs to fields before submitting a form. An example would be validating the entered email address to see if it has an @ in it, since if not, it's not a valid address.

JavaScript Alert

Javascript alert is the most useful module, this is used to populate text on certain functionality(scenario). here we have example alert code.

<button onclick="click-me()">Click Button</button>

function click-me() {
    alert("alert box text will comes here");

JavaScript Comments

We have two types of comments in javascript, the first one is single line(//) comment and the other one is multi line(/*----*/)(or paragraph)comment. this will explain the javascript structure and also readable if you want to write comments or you want comment code to use this comment

Single Line comment code

//document.getElementById("btn").innerHTML = "My First HTML page";

Multiple Line comment code

The code below is example
 of multiple line comment
The code below is example
 of multiple line comment