HTML5 Elements

HTML5 is the updated latest (new version) version of HTML, new elements and new attributes, css3 full support of Media, Graphics, Applications, Semantic Elements, Forms. This is main elements in html5, with using this will get reach interface. And the following tables provides the list of HTML element with some description and this all list elements are based on W3C HTML Specification, to read more about something like introduction click here. The main concept of this element is to create your own HTML page on your way.

html5 elements view

HTML5 Root Element

Element Name Description
<!DOCTYPE html>  
HTML Element represents root of html document, all of elements offspring of the HTML root Element. take look at the code the opening tag is <html> and closing tag is </html> difference being "/", in latest version no need to mention Transitional (specify language)attributes

HTML5 Metadata Element

Element Name Description
Head - <head>
It Represents the all about data and links and styles sheets and Scripts request and Website have two audience
One is Human (User)
Two is Spiders (Ex- Googlebot) this is related to SEO (Search Engine)
Title - <title>
It will show the website name on the browser Title bar
Base - <base>
It Defines the URL (Unique Resource Locator) for relative in the same page
Link - <link>
It used call external javascript and css and other files call to main page (landing page)

HTML5 Semantic Elements

Element Name Description
Section - <Section>
This Defines a section in page
Nav - <nav>
It Defines a Navigation section
article - <article>
The article tag specify independent, self-contained content (Ex Forum post, Blog Post, New story, Comment Section)
Aside - <aside>
It Defines some content (like some panel right section or left section) from the content
Header - <header>
It specifies the header for the document
Footer - <footer>
Footer tag specifies footer for the document (webpage)
Main - <main>
it will work like container it is specifies main content of a document

HTML5 Grouping Element

Element Name Description
Figure - <figure>
tag specifies self-contained content, like illustrations, diagrams, photos, code listings, etc
- <figurecaption>
It Defines a caption for figure Element

HTML5 Multimedia Element

Element Name Description
Video - <video>
Html5 has new element called video, it used to embed video or movie on web page, the <video> element.
Audio - <audio>
Html5 has new element called audio, it embed an audio file on web page, the <video> element.

HTML5 Graphics

Element Name Description
Canvas - <canvas>
Canvas used to draw elements on the fly using script (javascript), canvas is container for graphics.
SVG - <svg>
SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Images are scalable and Zoomable.

HTML5 Forms

Element Name Description
New form elements, new attributes, new input types, and form validation. (<datalist>,<keygen>,<output>).