HTML5 Index

HTML5 is a new 5th reversion by W3c and WHATWG, and it has many advanced new Elements, Tags, Attributes, Form elements, Graphics, Multimedia elements, Device access, Web storage and more, see the below list of new version of HTML5

Learn HTML5 and Start Positively

HTML5 is not a rocket science as per my view it is like doing addition and subtraction, just start on positive way easy to learn everyone can learn and create your own portal (Ex: - If your Constructing a house first you will collect all materials like space(land), cement and bricks and more, then use to put bricks on order (putting in place dividing rooms like kitchen and dining and bedrooms) by pasting cement).

Now I am coming to our view, In this case when we want to create website (website=house) first things is we have to know all about required elements and collecting to place assigning their jobs, check the below list of all elements and attributes with properties easily you will understand following this tutorial