This is my webpage...


This is the lightbox!!!

Clicked on Jquery Light box. this is developed for the all you can use this light box on any purpose, we used couple of css classes to create styles for the light box....

This is a simple and light wighted light box effect created without using any extra plugins or suprtting files. with help of some jquery methods css.

Exaplanation about script

we have click event here when the user clicks on the button(button has a class called click-button) and the function can be run, first jquery animate method is only for effect(alph,opacity effect) and major line is display block(by defultly we have display none in css) here is display block will display the light box. even we close button function to close light box and another one is for close but this senerior is diffrent when ever the user click any where in the body(containe) light box will be disapper.