Css3 Import

This @import CSS at-rule allows to import(include) style sheet from other (external) style sheet to main style sheet.Its most important thing to maintain your website clean, this useful in large applications which has more style sheet, most thing is every thing will be clear in this method like default(default.css default things like fonts and text link body who is should be by default) css and main(main.css to manage main modules) css and (layout.css to manage layout)more, and url is not required, and even this is the best way to include external style sheet.

Internet Explorer 6 and below do not support the media designation.

Css @ Import example code

@import "default.css"; default css
@import url("fonts.css") to install fonts;
@import url("main.css") main page css; 
@import url("chrome://communicator/skin/");  
@import "common.css" screen, projection;  />

Css @import advantages

@import rules must always be first in a style sheet (document)