Salesforce Lightning Design System SVG Icons not workingNovember 16, 2015January 8, 2016admin

Issue explanation:-
My complete project interface depended and related to salesforce light design system, downloaded complete package from SF official portal (you can refer this, included in the project, all component are working fine like (picklist, popovers, models, notification and other), but problem with SVG-Ions.

Solution for SVG-Icons
Please go through the below list, and compare your code.
1) Path – check the SVG icon path.
2) Compatibility- Old browser will not support html5 SVG tags.
3) Iframe – use iframe to include SVG.
4) Custom SVG – if not at not working, you can create your own SVG.
Instead of using SVG you can copy paste the below code.

Creating My Own SVG
This is way, how to create svg icons.

Other way
As of main, this is most simple way to create SVG icon, which you can use into your app. Ending of the creation, you should use .svg file extension, then only this will work without creating any problem.

Basic introduction

Salesforce-Lightning-Design-System-SVG-Icons-not-workingSalesforce is the best option to create large application yourself or if you need any application on demand you can buy in salesforce exchange, salesforce is a cloud computing technology and available on cloud.
Salesforce CRM Model based
CRM is a model used to manage organization interactions like Emails, calls, chat, Meetings and Social media with customers and prospects penetrating to Sales and also marketing, Support.
Why Salesforce
Salesforce invented the new design patterns for front design, very user-friendly and easy to understand also to use (to implement).
Moreover light weighted front end frame work developed by SF.