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Popup Overlay not working in ipad

Hi Friends this post regarding Popup Overlay not working in ipad, it has written based on the ustutorials.com (he got some issue in real time we are trying to help) user requirement, here we are decided to help on this ipad issues. By writing a mail to our experts he says, I am using data-table that contains with some tds, in the last td we have SVG icon, so when user respond(clicks on icon) on the icon popup should be overlay on the data-table, even popup populating fine in desktop in other responsive plugin simulators, when we are testing in real time iPad that is going to inside of the main data table. So please refer the below screen shot of the issues please help me on this, really appreciated who really going to help.

Note:- issue got with salesforce lightning component

What we tried to fix this Popup Overlay not working in ipad

To fix this (Popup Overlay is not working in ipad), used  some styles for parent data-table container and also for overlay div. have a a look into that CSS, but no luck even those CSS are not working in ipad.

I tried to implement some of the CSS tricks for application suggested in forums but no luck. Below are my findings:
• Scroll bar is always hidden in iPad/iPhone, it only shows up when you are scrolling it.
• We need to add “-webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;” for iPad to scroll.

z-index not working on iPad

if you observe the above CSS, we were trying to fix by using CSS z-index property even no use, so finally decided to post issues in ustutorials.com website. So guys please help on this, sincere thanks.