Founder was recently selected by Endeavor as a high impact entrepreneur.December 22, 2014November 19, 2015admin
Phanindra Reddy Sama (redBus' CEO,) was recently selected by Endeavor as a high impact entrepreneur.

redBus’ CEO, Phanindra Reddy Sama was recently selected by Endeavor as a high impact entrepreneur.Also, Businessworld voted Phanindra Reddy Sama as one of the top 5 most promising entrepreneurs in India.

Whos phanindra Readdy sama Befor starting redbus

Before starting redBus, he was working for Texas Instruments(, Bangalore. he is a Sr. Design Engineer there. As a child he always fascinated with electronics – the way electrons flow in a wire and make a fan rotate etc. After studying electronics Engineering from BITS-Pilani, phanindra happily settled with electronics job at Texas Instruments.

The story behind redBus, how the idea germinated & the initial hurdles.

During Diwali of 2005, I wanted to spend the festival in my home town, Hyderabad. Since I didn’t know my schedule till the end, taking a bus was the only option.

I ran around town hunting for a ticket, but they were all sold out before I reached the travel agents. Bangalore traffic is notorious and can grip you at the wrong time. That’s exactly what happened that day. Also, I realized some key issues with the then-existing model:

1. Travel agents don’t have all the information regarding all the possible bus operators. This lead to a gap and customers had to take decisions based on limited information.
2. Most of the agents were not able to sell return bus tickets.

That’s when we thought of the possibility of solving these issues by putting together information on a platform where customers could access it easily and take better decisions. The internet was the best medium to deliver all this information and make possible e-commerce to purchase return bus tickets.

This was the beginning of redBus.