Jquery go to topDecember 9, 2015January 8, 2016admin

Jquery go top option, without including any extra plugin, even not writing many lines coding, just by writing the bunch of lines code we have achieved. and this will really help for larger applications like CMS content-management-system (news portals) and E-commerce websites, you know how if page containing with many paragraphs (articles or contents), and the user is the end of the article you want to go top, by the time its real help, also this user-friendly light weighted jquery script with simple HTML code.


Jquery go to top is used many application to give flexibility to userĀ and to feel comfortable, will increase the user.

Simple, here we have div which is containing id (goTop, also page should be scrollable, then only go to top div will enable when user scrolls down 200px from the top.

In this jquery code we have click event (name called #goTop), when the user click on the Go To Top button then animate event will respond, and the page will scroll to top (scrollTop:"0px").