Jquery Date time PickerDecember 19, 2015January 8, 2016admin

This rarely used component mobile time picker, you can use this plugin in anywhere in your requirement, here we have some plugin called “Drum Plugin”.

About Jquery Drum Plugin

Truly, this is a really awesome Jquery Date time Picker Plugin, simple code doing many things, anyone can integrate this who has basic knowledge on jquery and HTML, and most important thing is this light weighted plugin, will allow you to use date-time picker to the application, and main advantage is which I have seen in this plugin we can create our custom component like plugin will give you the flexibility to add or change format( I have added time zone(PST, GST, and more) and also time formats like AM and PM ).

  1. Less code
  2. Easy to understand
  3. Very simple to integrate
  4. Light weighted
  5. Browser Compatibility
  6. You can add your own component to plugin
  7. It will not effect on you page loading



To read more about this plugin please follow the GitHub linkhttps://github.com/3epnm/drumjs.