How call waiting punish you in the most memorable day?January 12, 2015November 19, 2015admin
How call waiting punish you in the most memorable day

Hi, behind of this article there is a intention and real life incident happened to me, it was joy time december 31st night at 11:25PM as usually we are planning to celebrate new year party with my close friends in my new plot.

He looks like swatting and fully angry face and loudy voice scolding like stooped how many times I called you with whom you’re talking I already told to you I don’t know your new plot address I came to bus stop I am keep calling but getting busy tone , oops other than this what he will do, after some time settle down and celebrated new in the way enjoyed lot like cake cutting and eating drinking and more.

Set call waiting and joy the moments Please go through these simple steps
Step1) click on the PHONE icon bottom left on the phone (inside screen red mark in the screen) please see the below shared screen.


Step2) Click on the MENU Icon bottom left on the phone please see the below shared screen.


Step3) Click on CALL SETTING this below screen shot window you will see.


Step4) in the call setting just scroll down and click on Additional SETTINGS please refer the below screen.


Step5) Enable the CALL WAITING OPTION the right mark will be enabling when you are going to click on the check box.