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unable to download CSV file in microsoft edge

unable to download CSV file in Microsoft edge browser

this really stopping me in this point, wanted to fix this as soon as possible, coming to the problem which we experienced in real time, we had action in data table, action chevron having couple of button like add, edit, download csv and delete, so the download button will allow to download a CSV format…

Popup Overlay not working in ipad

Popup Overlay not working in ipad

Hi Friends this post regarding Popup Overlay not working in ipad, it has written based on the (he got some issue in real time we are trying to help) user requirement, here we are decided to help on this ipad issues. By writing a mail to our experts he says, I am using data-table that…

your clock is behind in ipad

Your Clock is behind error in Ipad

Form User aspect: – I was struggling on this form long time, currently our team developing application which should have compatibility (application should be work in ipad any without any browser issues) of iPad and recommended by client also project manager sent a mail saying this is a requirement from my client, so we need…


Salesforce Lightning Design System SVG Icons not working

Issue explanation:- My complete project interface depended and related to salesforce light design system, downloaded complete package from SF official portal (you can refer this, included in the project, all component are working fine like (picklist, popovers, models, notification and other), but problem with SVG-Ions. Solution for SVG-Icons Please go through the below list,…

localhost wamp server not working

wamp server not working on localhost

I was working on wamp I am a php developer working as a freelance, when I am trying to connect wamp server it’s not working (wamp server icon showing 50% yellow and remains same refer below screenshot). I have gone through google, trying to figure out problem on many ways but not found any solutions….

5 things observes job seekers but recruiters don’t

5 things observe job seekers but recruiters don’t

In today’s competitive job market. As a job seeker will try all the possibilities like how profile cover page looks and what kind of assets needs to be required to make professional CV we will get many thoughts and as well as confusions will come to our mind because it’s crucial to make your CV…

How verbal interaction helps to grow your professional life

How verbal interaction helps to grow your professional life

Means:-Effective verbal communication means to be able to convey your thoughts clearly to an audience.” It helps you become effective listeners Helps you understand the importance of various elements of your voice to sound more confident. Having great communication skills means that you will be able to excel at giving great demos, speak clearly during…

How call waiting punish you in the most memorable day

How call waiting punish you in the most memorable day?

Hi, behind of this article there is a intention and real life incident happened to me, it was joy time december 31st night at 11:25PM as usually we are planning to celebrate new year party with my close friends in my new plot. He looks like swatting and fully angry face and loudy voice scolding…

Modi Motivational speech

MMS – Modi Motivational speech

Narendra Modi is real time hero in every young stars soul, there are many exceptions and beliefs on even modi knows his oratory skills. Here is some slogans for Young Stars and Entrepreneurs Modi has given a new slogan to youngsters and entrepreneurs, “Make in India” for the global market to invest in India and…

AngularJs ng-click and ng-touch mobile device

AngularJs ng-click and ng-touch mobile device

Recently I came across an issue while working on a mobile app written in AngularJS. Adding ng-touch in my application makes some html behavior not to work properly. There was a weird behavior that accordion was not working on touch phone devices while it was working perfect for desktop. After some googling what I did…