a ecommerce 5 cores profitable businessJanuary 13, 2015November 19, 2015admin a ecommerce 5 cores profitable business reports a turnover of INR 5 crores, building a profitable eCommerce venture

How established was launched on April 1, 2012, by two IITians Prabhkiran Singh another guy is Siddharth Munot, has relied on quirky, funny, out-of-the-box messaging on its products to connect with its customers.

Investment and Fonding was started with an investment of Rs 30,000, and they received seed funding after six months in operations. They also gone through some fond rising meetups. However, the founders don’t want to reveal investor names.

Before Starting

Before starting, Siddharth worked with an education startup, while Prabhkiran ran a own business.

What it offers to the customers solds apparels and mobile phone covers. It claims to be doing transactions worth Rs 60-70 lakhs per month, with t-shirts being their best sellers.

Best Selling Product

Their ‘Ghanta’ collection of t-shirts for college students with messages like ‘Ghanta Engineering/Ghanta MBA’ etc have been their best selling products.

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