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Jquery vs Angularjs

JQuery and Angularjs are both light weighted, but when we compare technically, there are many difference which will give more advanced and developers’ feasibility. Of course jQuery light weighted JavaScript library and sometimes would be the strength in some case could be drawback, for example in jQuery we can do manipulate css by writing a single line code, but it does not mean it is the most sufficient way to interact with DOM(Document Object Model). We are not opposite any frame work this just comparisons.

angularjs tutorial with examples for beginners and Comparisons

JQuery and Angularjs both are similar in some functionalities like DOM Abstraction, Unit Test Runner, Cross-Module Communication, Animations Support and Ajax/Json formats.

Also some dis-advantages in jQuery and advantages in Angularjs, like angularjs most popular because of two main advantages like Two-Data-Binding, RESTful API, Templating, URl Routing, MVC Pattern, Localization and also form validations. All above are dynamic features in angular to create large size application with weight less and use friendly apps. In the below we have basic example in jQuery and angular along basic code to generate simple views. Then will recognize the differences of both.

To achieve, or to generate simple output, used many things like functions, and selectors and listeners and call back functions in the above jquery code. But in angularjs its simple with models, here look into below code we have ng-app declaration and inside input we have other model called ng-model with name, for heading tag binding the data, when user react to enter data, input value binds to heading tag.

In Angularjs there is no complicity, just need be involved in angularjs docs and tutorials, now completely dynamic applications developing in angulars, the approach is very simple. As I outline in this post, angularjs can do anything, yes it true angularjs has strong foundation to build customized and testable end to end application. Angularjs can get data in two ways and also RESTAPI, easy to create templating and url Routing.

Now this trending frame work is everywhere, most of exists e-commerce applications migrating to angularjs also content management websites(CMS), why because, the way its react and the way how we manage categories and list and product every each scenario angularjs is the best options to build dynamic large applications.