5 things observe job seekers but recruiters don’tJanuary 14, 2015November 19, 2015admin
5 things observes job seekers but recruiters don’t

In today’s competitive job market. As a job seeker will try all the possibilities like how profile cover page looks and what kind of assets needs to be required to make professional CV we will get many thoughts and as well as confusions will come to our mind because it’s crucial to make your CV shine brighter than the hundreds of others on a hiring manager’s table. Often, that pressure leads people to toil over the glossiest resume template — with fancy fonts, images, bold pops of color, and custom sub-sections — in an effort to express their exceptional flair for style.

If You Send a Handwritten Thank You Note

In the end of the day you fell to send thanks mail no problem but send on proficiency way that’s should not effect on our future job, if your selected for the next round you can write your comments in mail like timing and assets and if need any assistance.

Whether Your Resume Fits on One Page

Making profile number of pages is not making sense but probably it get bad impression. The main reason behind this recruiters don’t have sufficient time to read CV, managers spend just six seconds reviewing a candidate’s materials before determining whether the person is a fit for the position, if the person is not fit for the role they don’ do the farther formalities (reject the CV) .

Even it not possible to cover all thing in single page but we can do like custom sub heading, if you are internship or junior position in your previous organization you could insert with simple custom heading and don’t highlight, You don’t need to treat them like a full-time staff positions. This allows you to highlight the experiences and skills that the hiring manager or recruiter is most interested in, while still addressing your overall work history, Also its save manager time as well yours.

Making a Creative Cover Letter that should be attractive prospective employer’s eye

Your cover letter always supposes to catch a prospective employer’s eye, but the truth is that a cover letter doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Cover letter should be very clear on what and all you needs like direct approach, Using the Changing Communication Landscape, be honest, create simple design A Little Design Goes a Long Way, using a product itself- If the company you’re interested in makes a specific product, integrating it into your cover letter will show that you’re not only familiar with the company, and also that you’re resourceful.

Making a Creative Cover Letter that should be attractive prospective employer’s eye

Making a Creative Cover Letter that should be attractive prospective employer’s eye

It’s hard to be patient

If you are selected in the first round or just submitted your resume and are wondering if you’ll be called for an interview, or you’re waiting to hear if you’ll be asked back for a second one, it’s hard to be patient …or think of anything else.

May be the schedule or meetings or other reasons the interview might come late, that interviewer know it’s hard to be patient but no other option because at same time people doing many things. If you want to leave for your satisfy your curiosity by asking for a timeline before you leave. The authority guys will let you know the reason and they will regret you patients might reschedule through phone call or email.


Be on scheduled time along with updated profile (also keep soft copy in email or any drive which is with you sometimes it’s really helpful to you in the critical times like when you don’t have hard copy of profile you can give this to interviewer), dressing is the most and main important aspect in the interview be bold be confident tell truths what you’re really cheers.